About Us


Radiance Lightworks is a full service lighting design firm with more than 18 years of experience in lighting design for Architecture, Themed Entertainment, and Live Events.

Radiance was established in 1999 by Clayton Alexander. We are a client-focused organization that emphasizes long term relationships with our clients based on experience and trust. 

Our staff has experience and diverse backgrounds in design for: 

  • Themed Attractions - Dark Rides, 4D Theaters and Walkthroughs.
  • Interactive Environments - Museums and Retails Experiences.
  • LIve Events - press events, galas, concerts, and theatrical experiences
  • Spectaculars - light shows, parades and fountain shows.
  • Lighting Systems - including lighting and controls system infrastructure design for architecture, attractions and venues.



Radiance listens to you, so we can understand your goals, challenges and ideas.


Our team brainstorms and applies our experience to find creative solutions for your project.


Design documents are created and reviewed. Your project is staffed and ready for creation. 



Your project is realized. Careful planning and design documentation supports the process, and our team is present to  navigate the way.



We work with our clients to learn and grow from each project. We apply our experience on our next project together.